Make Friends With Your Butcher

Don’t be scared by the title. This friendship will benefit man’s best friend. Still have no idea what I’m talking about…BONES!
Dogs love bones! Bones help to relieve boredom. It is necessary for your dog to have something to chew on, especially if you have a teething puppy. Save your shoes and get your dog a sterilized beef bone.
You can give the bone to your dog unfilled or you can fill them. Peanut butter makes a good stuffing. The pet stores also sell Kong paste which comes in a variety of flavors. The container looks like a Cheez Whiz can.
Cow hooves are another choice for you dog to chew on since they are long-lasting. However if you notice your dog is breaking large pieces off toss out the hoof.
I must warn you the hoof smells really disgusting while your dog is chewing on it. My suggestion would be to put the hoof in your dog’s crate.
That way you won’t smell it and you will not step on it. Believe me they are not much fun to step on especially in the middle of the night. OUCH
Some other dog chews are ears. There are three ears to choose from: cow, pig and lamb. For puppies and older dogs I suggest lamb ears since they are softer and contain less fat.
Bones to avoid are chicken bones. They are dangerous since they splinter and can puncture your dog’s intestines. No chicken wings for your dog!
Seriously, I’ve seen people give their dog chicken wings and I advised them of the dangers. Fish bones are another bone to avoid.
There are some bones you won’t find at the butcher but are good choices. Kong chew toys are made out of rubber and are designed to be filled with treats. You can use your dog’s kibble, biscuits, peanut butter or Kong paste.
Your dog will work on removing the product placed inside the Kong. In order to get the correct size Kong you will need to know your dog’s current weight.
Another good choice is Nylabone. There are the “edibles” which are similar to a biscuit. They also have a long lasting chew which comes in a variety of flavors and bones designed especially for puppies.
Currently there are no regulations on the dog toy industry. As a result anyone can market a dog toy that can have deadly consequences. Some products to avoid are plush toys.
I know they are cute, however they can be fatal to your dog if he swallows pieces of them. Rawhide (unless it is compressed) is another product not good for your dog since it can cause a blockage in your dog’s intestines.
If you are unsure if a product is safe you can contact Scooter’s School of Sit & Stay.