Purse Dogs

Why do tiny 'purse dogs' growl and nip? We have all seen them, those cute little dogs in the dog “purses”. Paris Hilton parading around with her Chihuahua “Tinkerbell”. Sure, she may look

Fighting Cabin Fever with Fido

SIT AND STAY Help Fido fight cabin fever All the excitement of the holidays is over. The decorations are put away and the guests are gone. Now what? A nap sounds really good!

Baby Its Cold Outside

SIT AND STAY Baby Its Cold Outside If our recent snow storms are any indication of how this winter is going to be it will be a LONG, cold winter. For the skiers

Fido’s First Christmas???

It's a Dog's Life Fido’s First Christmas Put a priority on puppyproofing your holiday displays It’s that time of the year already, the holidays are upon us. We are busy shopping, cooking, entertaining

Scooter’s School of Sit and Stay

Scooter's School of Sit and Stay Dog obedience school with unusual name opens in Dansville DDogs in Danville and surrounding areas can now enroll in school. Darlene Koza has been tossing around the

Make Friends With Your Butcher

SIT AND STAY Make Friends With Your Butcher Don’t be scared by the title. This friendship will benefit man’s best friend. Still have no idea what I’m talking about...BONES! Dogs love bones! Bones

To Bite or Not to Bite

SIT AND STAY To bite or not to bite, that is the question Dogs and kids playing together need supervision A serious issue receiving media attention is dog bite cases. My focus is

Spring is in the Air

SIT AND STAY SPRING IS IN THE AIR! Time to take steps to protect your dog as temperatures climb The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, the sun is shining and the