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Spring is in the Air
By Darlene Koza

The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, the sun is shining and the temperatures are rising.  It is so wonderful to get outside and enjoy the season especially with your dog(s).   But, spring does bring with it new concerns for your dog’s safety.  Some issues to consider are: protecting your dog from the heat, insects, pesticides and accidents. 

To protect your dog from the heat make sure your dog has plenty of water at all times.  Since your dog must be able to pant in order to cool itself NEVER leave a muzzle on your dog for more than twenty minutes.  A muzzle should not be used to control barking.  This will not correct the behavior and can cause death.  Another situation that can quickly kill your dog is leaving him inside a car even with the windows cracked.  The temperature inside a car quickly elevates to lethal levels.  Imagine sitting in your car on an eighty degree day wearing a fur coat.  Do you think a cracked window is going to cool you?  If you must run into a store for even five minutes leave your car running with the air conditioning on for your dog.

Unfortunately we can’t have spring without insects.  Fleas, ticks, mosquitoes OH MY!  What’s a dog to do?  Take your dog to the vet for some preventative medication.  Ask about a flea and tick repellent and heartworm prevention. 

We all want to have a beautiful looking lawn however it should not be at the expense of our dog.  Pesticides are dangerous and can cause our dogs to become extremely ill and eventually can be deadly with prolonged exposure.  If you see posted signs warning of pesticide application make sure your dog avoids the property. 

Some accidents can be prevented by not allowing your dog to roam.  Either confine your dog in a fenced area or have your dog on a leash or tie out.  A roaming dog can cause an automobile accident, encounter a wild animal, bite a person or someone’s pet or cause an unwanted pregnancy.  For the health and well being of your pets please have them neutered or spayed...>continue to read article

How much is that doggie in the window?- A puppy is a bigger gift than you think
By Darlene Koza

Is that a question you are asking yourself?  Ok, maybe the doggie isn’t in the window -most likely you saw it on-line or in the newspaper.  Are you considering a puppy as a Christmas present?  If you are, there are many things to consider: cost, time, breed, commitment and training.

The actual cost of the puppy can range from “free to a good home” to a thousand dollars depending on the breed.  To adequately care for the puppy you will have veterinary expenses, which include an exam, vaccines and spray/neutering.  Of course your puppy will need food, which for a large breed can be expensive.  You will also need supplies - a collar, leash, bowls, crate, identification tag, chew toys, shampoo, nail clippers etc.  There are also fun purchases like doggie clothes and costumes! It is a good idea to have an emergency fund just in case.  Plan to spend around an average of $1,200 per year after the initial expenses.

Puppies also require a great deal of time.  They need to have water, food, exercise and attention on a daily basis.  Socialization is extremely important before your puppy...>continue to read article

To Bite or Not to Bite
By Darlene Koza

A serious issue receiving media attention is dog bite cases.  My focus is to prevent people (especially children) from experiencing a dog bite. 

First of all children should NEVER be left alone with any dog, especially children under the age of 10 years old.  As a parent you should supervise all activities between your child and your dog, not only for your child’s sake but for the welfare of your dog.  I have witnessed many children that treat a dog improperly because they have not been taught otherwise.  Therefore I will provide you with the proper way for your child to approach and behave around a dog. 

Let’s begin with the approach.  The first thing you or your child should do is ask permission to pet the dog if it is not your dog.  It’s ok for the pet parent to say “no”.  They know the temperament of their dog and some dogs have not been...>continue to read article




Make Friends With Your Butcher
By Darlene Koza

Don’t be scared by the title.  This friendship will benefit man’s best friend.  Still have no idea what I’m talking about...BONES!  Dogs love bones!  Bones help to relieve boredom.  It is necessary for your dog to have something to chew on, especially if you have a teething puppy.  Save your shoes and get your dog a sterilized beef bone.  You can give the bone to your dog unfilled or you can fill them.  Peanut butter makes a good stuffing.  The pet stores also sell Kong paste which comes in a variety of flavors.  The container looks like a Cheez Whiz can.

Cow hooves are another choice for you dog to chew on since they are long-lasting.  However if you notice your dog is breaking large pieceoff toss out the hoof.  I must warn you the hoof smells really disgusting while your dog is chewing on it.  My suggestion would be to put the hoof in your dog’s crate.  That way you won’t smell it and you will not step on it.  Believe me they are not much fun to step on especially in the middle of the night.  OUCH

Some other dog chews are ears.  There are three ears to choose from: cow, pig and lamb.  For puppies and older dogs ...>continue to read article


Scooter's School of Sit and Stay
By Leah Forsberg

Dogs in Danville and surrounding areas can now enroll in school.

Darlene Koza has been tossing around the idea of having her own dog obedience school for years With the elbowing of her fiance, she has recently made the leap from trainer to business woman.

"At first, he's like, "Oh my goodness, you have three dogs!" Now he's like, They 're really good dogs" He's become a believer, too. I didn't want to work weekends the rest of my life ..>continue to read article


Fido’s First Christmas???
By Darlene Koza

It’s that time of the year already, the holidays are upon us.  We are busy shopping, cooking, entertaining and decorating.  It’s such a joyful season-Christmas trees, presents, poinsettias and all the food!!!  However did you realize the festive things we enjoy can be dangerous to our pets?

The Christmas tree is such a great tradition and the focal point of our gatherings.  It’s so beautiful and fragrant.  Unfortunately it can be a hazard to our pets.  Please make sure you supervise your animals around the tree.  If you are unable to supervise put gates up or close doors so they are not left with the tree unattended.  One danger often overlooked is the water supply to the tree.  Dogs like to drink the tree’s water therefore leaving the tree dry, a dry tree with hot lights on it can become a fire hazard.  The lights themselves can be dangerous and they are enticing to a teething puppy.  Tinsel although beautiful can become a tasty treat for a dog; there have been deadly reports of dogs ingesting tinsel.   

Presents look so lovely under the tree.  Here are a few things to keep in mind.  Dogs LOVE paper!!!!  If you don’t supervise some presents may get unwrapped before Christmas.  Or your presents may get additional decorations.   One year I had my tree up with all the presents under the tree it looked so gorgeous.  Then my male dog (Scooter) came along and decided one of the presents was his.  Guess what he did....>continue to read article

Baby Its Cold Outside
By Darlene Koza

If our recent snow storms are any indication of how this winter is going to be it will be a LONG, cold winter.  For the skiers this is great news!  For some of us, including our pets this is not exactly the type of weather we enjoy. 

Some people are under the impression that because a dog has a fur coat it can tolerate the cold.   This is not true, especially for breeds with short coats.  Some examples of dogs that should not be exposed to the cold without a dog sweater or coat are the Boxer, Chihuahua, Chinese Crested and the Miniature Pinscher.   All breeds regardless of the length of their coat can suffer from frostbite... >continue to read article

Fighting Cabin Fever with Fido
by Darlene Koza

All the excitement of the holidays is over.  The decorations are put away and the guests are gone.  Now what?  A nap sounds really good!  After your nap, get up and do something fun with your dog.

During the summer it’s easy to enjoy outdoor activities with your dog.  In contrast, the thought of going outside in the bitter cold during the winter months is not appealing.  However your dog still needs exercise to help keep him at an ideal weight and prevent behavioral issues.  A great deal of bad behaviors stem from lace of exercise.  Some examples are: chewing improper items, barking and digging....>continue to read article

Purse Dogs
By Darlene Koza

We have all seen them, those cute little dogs in the dog “purses”.  Paris Hilton parading around with her Chihuahua “Tinkerbell”.   Sure she may look fashionable but is she doing the dog any favors by carrying it around in a purse?  I’m sure you have all experienced the lap dog that is protective and will growl or try to bite you if you motion towards the owner.  Since they are typically toy breeds people think the dogs are funny and will just laugh at them. 

Why are these dogs like that?  Are toy breeds just that way?  I don’t think so...>continue to read article








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